Silo Unloaders

MAGNUM II Surface Drive

America's best selling silo unloader just got better!

The new features in this
make the MAGNUM II
the best yet!

We've been writing the book on silo unloading technology for more than 45 years. Van Dale invented and perfected the surface drive system. And the MAGNUM line of surface drive unloaders have become legendary for their performance, durability and efficiency. That's why more silos are unloaded every day by Van Dale MAGNUM unloaders than any other brand.

Now the best just got better. Introducing the new MAGNUM II unloader. It's the next generation of America's most popular unloader with more features and more performance than any other surface drive unloader on the market today.

Get more "throw-power" with your Magnum II. - NEW! 1/4 " thick "Saber Edge Augers"TM with exclusive 16" forward pitch flighting offer superior performance & unmatched durability!

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Used VAN DALE MAG II Silo Unloader
Used VAN DALE MAGNUM II Silo Unloader

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